• Savian Soap Co.

    Packaging Design
    Savian Soap Co. is a natural soap range, needing a re-brand to freshen it’s image and raise it’s status within the current market. Using a fresh colour palette, modern typography, clean design and thoughtful choice in packaging material, this re-brand will freshen Savian Soap Co.’s look and modernise the brand. The typography keeps to a formal grid structure whilst the packaging choices gives this soap range a natural feel. The flower design is feminine and simple, which will attract the female market with a desire for a fresh, natural soap.
  • Harry Brown

    User Interface Design for E-commerce Site
    Harry Brown, a multi chain liquor store required a stronger web presence and means of communicating with customers. They needed an online store and an email marketing campaign to capture audiences and create a database of regular customers. The design was earthy and high class attracting an audience interested in wines, ports and the higher end alcohol market.
  • Coolum Surf Club

    Wall Graphics
    Wall graphics were created in conjunction with the build of a new pizza cafe at Coolum Surf Club. The design had to reflect the Surf Club Carnival atmosphere whilst demonstrating the importance Coolum has for their club and community members.
  • Roots Organic Seedlings

    Brand Development & Packaging Design
    Roots Organic Seedlings is a small retail venture run and owned by an organic seedling enthusiast. The task was to communicate the owners obsession for a world filled with organic plants. The logo plays on the name “Roots” while utilising organic shapes to convey the concept of the store. The shapes are continued through the range of products to connect the customer with the brand. Letterhead, business cards & envelopes were designed and printed on recycled stock to create an organic feel. Plant tags were designed for seedling information. The information is laid out in a structured format with simple branding from the logo. The store name roots is symbolically placed on the area of the tag which gets pushed into the dirt.
  • Experimental Typography

    Makes you think? is a book compiled of thoughtful quotes and idea’s. A strong, original cover is required to excite the viewer. The concept of the typography is based around a flip clock and references the quote “Time doesn’t exist clocks exist”.
  • Australian Flora Guide

    A guide for campers, tourists and hikers in Australia to assist them in learning about Australian native flora and it’s medicinal benefits. The design of this book carefully considers usability through the way in which information is organised, readability, the size of the book and binding choices. The colours of the Australian Landscape inspired the design of this book, a minimal colour palette was used with an emphasis on the plants colours. All spreads are consistent in design and layout making it easy to locate the facts about each plant. Each spread highlights the important parts of the plant through use of colour. Notes section and Index included at the back of the book for easy reference.
  • Arc Biennial of Art

    User Interface Design & Wordpress Build
    Arc Biennial of Art 2009 is an event managed by Artworkers Alliance. It is a showcase of contemporary art and provides a unique context in which the arts industry, practitioners and audiences can engage with each other’s ideas. A Wordpress powered site was created to showcase the exhibitions that take place in Brisbane over three months. The site is fully interactive and can be easily updated by the client. www.arcbiennial.com The Arc Biennial of Art Site contains flash elements which light up and fade away in keeping within the identity of the event. { Logo and Identity designed by Shelsey Birch }
  • Star Aged Living

    User Interface Design
    Star Gardens is a leading not-for-profit provider of high quality residential aged care. They required a re-build of their website which needed to be clean, friendly and easy to use. The main challenge was creating a site which an elderly audience could use but also the younger generation who would use the site for various reasons. This website also includes a staff & directors login area as well as a fully updateable events calendar and blog for the staff at Star Aged Living to update. Have a look at the site at staragedliving.com.au
  • 15 Below

    Flash Website Concept
    The 15 Below coat was designed to protect homeless from the cold. It is weather proof and can be stuffed with newspaper for insulation. Design a website to promote and raise funds for the 15 Below Project. The site has a raw edge and keeps to a simple theme to get the message across. The main focus is on the Jacket which unzips to enter the site and once unzipped newspaper is inside as the navigation.
  • PBL Annual Report

    Annual Report designed for Publishing & Broadcasting Limited, which puts emphasis on moving forward and growing. The design is keeping within PBL’s identity with strong use of dark blues and oranges. A message of growth is referenced throughout the report through use of symbolic shapes and imagery. The use of the rectangular strips throughout the report mimic the graphs and visually show growth. Impressive growth is highlighted in the graphs with elongated shapes to exaggerate scale. Financial section is organised in shades of blue to highlight the current period and important areas.
  • Broncos Leagues Club

    88 Restaurant, Cafe & Bar in The Brisbane Broncos Leagues Club was opening and needed a way to display the history of both the leagues club and the Brisbane Broncos. A lightbox was custom built with an infographics print outlining the history in an easy to read, attractive format. This history panel had to blend into it's newly built surroundings as well as hold onto the Brisbane Broncos team colours.